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Vsmart Extensions

Balinese Massage - 60 Minutes
A full body massage using acupressure and stimulating blend of techniques  combines long massage stroke, deep stimulation, on muscles and joints along with great stretching in order to improve blood circulation, release muscle tones and stimulates relaxation.

Aroma Therapy Massage - 90 Minutes
Is one of the most popular treatments at the tropical spa. Through this massage the active molecules of ease with carrier oil, penetrate the blood stream and soothe central nervous system. By using kinds of air beneficial to activates the body’s nerve endings and stimulates its blood flow, the medical properties of internal organs and treat ailments.

Stone Massage - 90 Minutes   
The use of stone massage for healing has been practiced for centuries in various cultures in a multitude of North American Indians, who influenced the unique style. Stones being used for a therapeutic treatment temperature stimulate the system to speed up healing. Using the warm stone stimulate the circulatory and going in a sauna. There are two other benefits of this massage: the power inside the stone will energize and on the body. This unique massage is so relaxing : you will float off into space.

The Balinese Bliss - 90 Minutes
Experience the total Balinese indulgence on all over body treatment from head to toe. Begins with Balinese Massage, continue to Balinese Boreh Body Wrap, Fresh Cucumber Body Polish, ending by a relaxing Jacuzzi.

The Couple - 150 Minutes
This treatment is dedicated for romantic couples, experience begins with a Crystal Salt foot bath continue to aroma therapy massage using sensual oil to uplift romantic mood, luxurious chocolate body scrub to soften the skin, a relaxing Jacuzzi accompanies a glass of local white wine, ending choices of spa manicure or spa pedicure.